I’m Mason…

Est. 1986

I’m not sure anybody actually reads these kind of things, so in theory I could probably get away with just copy and pasting Milton Glaser’s Bio here and no one would bat an eyelid but I will try and stick to the truth.

Growing up in Preston, in the North West of the UK, I realised at an early age that if I wanted to see a beautiful world I was going to have to design it myself. And now as a partially functioning adult I realise this dream a little bit more every day (and yes, a new menu layout for the local takeaway counts!) I stay in touch with design trends and internet goings on (by which I mean I’m easily distracted and get design envy, and so I scroll through Instagram, all the typical design websites and I watch videos, lots of videos, of people drawing letters… probably far too much for it to be considered healthy).

Staying ahead of the curve in the design sector is almost impossible, especially with the speed at which technology and the internet, advances. And so I’ve created my own curve, by which I mean I’ve drawn a line across the conventional curve creating a rudimentary semi-circle-like shape in appearance…anyways I’m not sure where I was going with that, but basically it means I use my close relationships with cutting edge collaborators to ensure I keep on the innovative side of the fence when delivering design solutions for my clients.

I’ve shared my ideas at creative studios across the globe, from Glorious Creative in Manchester to McCann in Sydney, with a stop in New York during the 70’s to conceive the ‘I heart New York’ logo. (Kudos if you get the reference and see this last bit as the bare faced lie it is intended to be, you deserve a medal just for making it this far, you have my gratitude).

After these various escapades across the globe I foolishly decided to set up on my own so I could chase designs I am inspired by…which is extremely fulfilling but I have a new found respect for the corporate world with their HR departments and paid holidays :p

Over the years I’ve built a wide network of trusted creative collaborators that help me deliver agency quality, full spectrum creative projects, some of which have the honour of featuring below for your consideration.

I like type, drawing, music, traveling (maybe my favourite), running (walking) up hill and jumping off cliffs (into water). Don’t mind the odd tipple but would rather wander off into the wilderness and spend the night with my wife.

Ultimately I want to know I have left my mark on this world.

Even if it’s just a Made by Mason logo on a takeaway menu.


A digital software solutions studio with a strong design ethos. Lighten design, build and implement simple well design solutions to complex digital problems.


Brock Media

An animation and 3D studio based in Newcastle. Headed up by my good friend Lawrence Taylor… These guys produce utterly stunning visuals from Infographic videos to adds for TV.


They Eat Culture

These guys are cultural activitist… they make good stuff happen. They produce local and national arts and cultural interventions from full scale interactive productions to small digital accessories.


Day 1

An advertising and design house studio with a strong creative focus. Day 1 conceive and implement strong creative design and advertising solutions for a wide range of clients… I bounce ideas against them and they come back stronger.

www.df1.co.uk (website under construction)

Copy Me

Your Copy are a creative copywriting studio, we collaborate on a wide spectrum of project, they write words for corporate projects, advertising campaigns and anything in-between. They had a figure in the copy for my site…

No site yet… (I’m working on it)