Sports, advertising and live stats

The team at Eleven Sports Media are continually pushing the boundaries of live-sports viewing interactions, designing and publishing new innovative products for sports fans worldwide, with the aim of enhancing the match day experience.

I was brought in to work as part of the Creative Team at Eleven with a brief of conceiving and designing the visuals for their innovative new technologies that enhance the match day experience from within the stadia. I worked with the team to design and create the front-end visuals for StatZone, Eleven’s complex application that renders live data-driven, streams of statistics onto display boards in stadia around the country. StatZone has been nominated in the Sports Tech Awards for 2 years running.

Alongside this MDM were commissioned to perform a brand audit for Eleven Sports Media as a whole, which involved us refreshing their existing identity with a new design system which brought their wide product portfolio under one design umbrella.


UX Design