Rock n Roll Cocktails

Kuckoo wanted to create a modern drinking experience that immersed their revellers in the bar tender’s passion for cocktail mixology, set in a prohibition era venue to a Rock n Roll soundtrack. The atmosphere and the quality of the mixology had to go hand in hand, Kuckoo was to be the place that would turf Jagger out onto the street if he didn’t have a cocktail in his hand!

Using Bodoni as the flag ship font, we evoke a subtle hint of the prohibition / art deco era. I crafted a Cuckoo silhouette to act as a logomark and I subtly propped it on a perch within the ‘O’. The brand utilises a simple colour palette of black and white with splashes of red. I use abstract imagery to portray the ambience of the music mixed with the panache of the bar tenders, this adds the textural element and depth to the identity system.

Kuckoo and I have worked in partnership through every aspect of their design journey. I have been intrinsically involved every step of the way – think of me as Toto to Kuckoo’s Dorothy, from the initial conception of the brand identity right through to ongoing social media engagement. With stops at print, interior design, signage, and marketing on the way, we continue to skip along the yellow brick road, together…


Interior Design