Students and Booze

Maybe the easiest brief we have ever had. We worked to with the guys over at Mr. Booze to define, name, create and build their brand. With a quite narrow target audience it was easy to get them involved in the process, so we met with the design students and went for a few drinks in the SU bar to get to know our audience. The name and visual identity takes it lead from a familiar children’s character set, we created Mr. Booze, a fun, slightly inappropriate but loveable character and then brought him to life through a clean, simple, fun, and friendly illustration. It was much about the way he speaks as the way he looks. A series of illustrations and few choice words from Mr. Booze make the brands tongue and creates a persona that someone the customer base relates to and trusts to fuel their social lives*. (*Social lives can be had without the help of alcohol, you just have to work harder)



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