Old Ferret New Life

The Mad Ferret is one of the North West’s most respected live music venues, having hosted the likes of Ed Sheeran and Royal Blood in recent times, it has become a ‘must-play’ for any up and coming artist or band. I worked with them to re-imagine the venue as a place where the punters felt comfortable to work, eat, drink and socialize during the daylight hours, then when night time fell they could rock out to their hearts conent.

I crafted the ferrets own font that took inspiration from the by gone era of changeable letter boards. This formed the bases of the identity, to speak the Ferret’s language to both its existing and new customer base. It is used throughout the interior of the bar and as the primary font for any on or offline marketing. I also created an iconic angry (mad) ferret motif to paid homage to the past whilst ushering in a new age for this awe inspiring live music venue.

I controversially dropped the Mad from Ferret, creating an overall more grown up feel. I concepted a ‘NY Dive Bar’ idea for the interior, to give the bar a fresh, modern but dirty feel and worked with Rosie Peplo to bring it to life.


  • Branding
  • Typography
  • Design
  • Print
  • Digital
  • Marketing
  • Advertising

The Ferret Font

There was nothing out there that really spoke The Ferrets language when we where trying to nail the frontage. I created a bespoke font that paid homage to the by gone era of changeable letter boards, distressed it a touch and hey presto… we had our strong logo type, header and displayed font which we carried through the interior and marketing.