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Lighten (Digital)
Alex Zawadzki
Jamie Holman


The Guardian
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Raw, unpretentious typography
The Flashback archive takes the stories and experiences of the individuals involved in the Blackburn Acid House parties of the past and represents them in a captivating and digitally intuitive way, using new technology to create an immersive online experience. 

The brand purposely moves away from the stereotypical smiley faces and neon rainbows associated with the Acid House movement and instead explores the reality of raves as an escape from the day-to-day of Thatcher’s Britain. It looks and feels functional, not too slick, almost under designed to some extent. This way it’s honest to the subject matter and in keeping with the unpretentious, no-nonsense atmosphere of these gatherings.

With the word-of-mouth nature of these early raves it seemed natural for us to explore a typographic route. We capitalised on the hypnotic nature of subtitles to create a timeless and immersive digital experience.

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